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An NFT for Gaming, Earning and Charity.

Dear okey army,

We are excited to announce that OKEYVERSE will launch gogo inu NFT.

What is Gogo Inu?

Gogo inu is a sub-project of OKEY APPS, GOGO INU are a collection of 60,000 exclusive generated Non Fungible Tokens (NFTS) that was released on October 14th eternally written on the BNB smartchain. he name Gogo Inu was inspired by Gogo, the founder’s beloved dog, who was sadly stolen. A smart and amazing Golden Retriever, Gogo is the soul and heart of our charity NFT project. Gogo Inu is an NFT created in Gogo’s memory, dedicated to helping dogs in need in Bali.

Gogo Inu Battle Tank:

After release, we immediately set out to create a unique game that will bring the GOGOINU to life. These amazing GOGO INU, come with various traits that make each unique and collectible. For instance you can find gogoinu that have traits like btc necklace, or Party Hat, gogo inu battle tank Game will allow holders to use their NFTs in strategic gameplay.

Join Gogo Inu Tank, a win-to-earn battle game where you can beat your opponent in cartoon tank duels. You play cute NFT Golden Retriever characters inspired by Gogo and get opportunities to earn $OKEY every time you finish your opponent. Gogo Inu Tank is the perfect way to have fun while making and supporting dog charities.

Stake to Earn


We also provides limited NFT Staking event until our game ready to play.

Want another way to earn besides gaming? You can always stake. Get $OKEY as a reward

Local Hero for Dog Charities

Bli Lelut makes good use of his status as a local celebrity. He regularly brings his dogs to the vet and gives them the best food. He also helps other dog lovers and similar charities by donating food to their places.

Don’t Wait and Start Helping Dogs in Need

You now can have opportunities to help dogs and local heroes like Bli Cellelut. Get Gogo Inu NFT to help us support dogs in need, and keep the spirit of Gogo alive with your contribution!

Head to our web and socials to learn more:

Website / Gogo inu / Twitter / Telegram / Instagram / YouTube / Discord




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