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3 min readNov 26, 2022


Social media is growing and providing many ways for people to connect with their friends and express their creativity. and every now and then, a new app is launched and changes the way we use a social media.

In 2022, OKEYVERSE launches a social media application, named OKEY APPS. This application allows users to create and share video clips, photos, create articles, live stream and build their own community and interact with users from around the world. One of the benefits of this platform is that it can be linked to a crypto wallet, connected to De-Fi, Game Win2Earn, and send OKEY or BNB gifts to friends and influencers they like. Communities participating as content creators and streamers can earn income by publishing their work on the OKEYVERSE Social Media Platform.

What is Okey Apps?

OKEY APPS is basically a social media application for the community. Okey apps is a combination of Instagram and Tiktok. The only difference is, OKEY APPS was created as a forum for community gathering, article content creation, and also live streaming videos. There also an extra advantage, The creators can get rewards from other users through the Gift feature.

The best thing about OKEY APPS is, it was specially built as a place for various communities to gather. And that is the reason why it has created a channel for users to build their community.

What can you do with OKEY APPS?

Create content and LIVE Streaming — OKEY APPS revolves around video content, articles, photos, videos and live streaming. Users can create articles or videos in the app using recorders, and other tools. Apart from that, users can add visual filters, time effects, transitions, stickers, emoji, gifs and much more.

Save and Share — OKEY APPS allows users to save videos on their phones or share them on other Social Media with one click. So users don’t have to bother if they want to have their videos in the cellphone gallery

Communicate — Users can follow accounts they like, and also like, comment, and share videos they enjoy or liked. Anything you like will be added to the favorites section.

Discover — The explore section is all about trending content. Users can find all content related to the trending hashtags. People can also add friends by searching through specific tags or usernames.

Explore profiles — OKEY profile showing number of followers, follows, total number of likes, and posts.

Channel and Play games — Users who are not interested for becoming content creators can also enjoy using Okey Apps because there is a channel section for content creators for their community and a separate game zone. People can gather on the channel and play various games for entertainment or to make money in win to earn games.

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